The name Chin is at present our international name with which we have been recognized widely around the world as a people with a definite boundary of territory . It is our own Chin territory which no one can claim as their territory except by us, the Chin people, according to the UN principles. The boundary of our Chin territory according to the Chin Hills Regulation 1896 included even what is today Nagaland as Naga Hills District then and , Mizoram as Lushai Hills District then , Assam hilly parts, Manipur Hilly parts and Tripura Hilly parts all now in India ; Chin Hills District then and it is now Chin State, Singkaling Khamti Naga Hills District today both in Burma , the Chittagong Hills tract in Bangladesh which was once in British India and today in Bangladesh. All the Chin territory in six disticts Area under the british rule together all will be added up to more than 35000 Sq. miles which is larger than Austria in Europe.

Capital: Hakha
Falam District
Falam TownshipFalamLaizomiLaizomi Language
Tedim TownshipTedimZomiZo Language
Tonzang TownshipTonzangZomiZo Language
Hakha District
from Feb.2012
Hakha TownshipHakhaLaimi Lai Language
Htantlang TownshipHtantlangLaimi Lai Language
Mindat District
Matupi TownshipMatupiMatuMatu Language
Mindat TownshipMindatKhumi/ChoCho Language
Kanpetlet TownshipKanpetletKhumi/ChoCho Language
Paletwa TownshipPaletwaKhumi/ChoCho Language

Chin = Zomi = Kuki = Laimi = Asho = Laizo = Cho/Khumi