Falam Township

Falam Township is a township of Falam District in the Chin State of Burma (Myanmar). Its administrative seat is the town of Falam.
Falam Township is mountainous, running east-west from the foothills above the Neyinzaya and Myittha rivers to the high peaks of the Chin Hills in the Arakan Mountain Range and down to the border with Mizoram State, India. The highest peak in the township, Mount Zingmu is also the second highest mountain peak in Chin State. The Manipur (Manipuya) River runs south through the center of the township. People who travel to the city take the Kalay-Falam-Hakha Road. The township is famous for its heart-shaped lake called Hri (Rih or Yi). The township is also the location of Laiva Dam, the largest dam in Chin State. The dam produces hydroelectric power for Falam and neighboring cities such as Hakha and Thantlang (Thlangtlang).
There were a Manipura river-crossing suspension bridge, 320 feet long with 5 feet wide, linking Bazan Village and Kawdah Village and Lonnlwe creek-crossing suspension bridge, 130 feet long with four feet wide, linking Kawdah Village and Kwabwe Village in the township.


In 2008, in the reorganization of Chin State townships, Falam Township lost its northernmost village tracts in the east to Tiddim Township, a few of its recently gained southwesternmost village tracts were returned to Htlantlang Township, but it gained a much longer border with India by the transfer of Tiddim Township's southwestern village tracts to Fallam Township.


The town of Rihkhawdar (Reehkawdar) is the northernmost town in the township. The township has 87 village tracts and 178 villages.


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