Zogam is a dreamland at present, but it will be a reality sooner or later.The people of Zogam are known as Zomi and they are proud to be Zomi too. Now the Zomi are scattered in all over the world. Only God knows when they will be united!

So who are this ZOMI anyway? The term Zomi is the oldest and generic name of the so-called Kuki-Chin group. The Pong Chronicle (which was translated into Meitei language by Capt. R.B. Pemberton in 1830) recorded the people as Zomi. The word Zomi is said to have been derived from "Zo" the ancestor. {Extracted from "Who are we?" written by Prof. L.S. Gangte, in the booklet IN SEARCH OF IDENTITY published by Kuki-Chin Baptist Union, Imphal in 1986}.

Where do you find this Zomi?
A bulk of the Zomi is found in the Chin State of Burma while other members are dispersing in Manipur,Tripura,Bangladesh, Assam and Mizoram. The tribes found in India were known as Kuki by the outsiders. Their cognate tribes found in Burma were known as Chin by the outsiders. This ethnic group is divided into a number of tribes and the tribes are further sub-divided into clans. Most of the tribes are now Christians.
Man is not what others supposed him to be but he is what he is rather.

Zomi beauties flaunting different Zomi traditional dresses