History Background of Matupi

Have a glance of the historical background of our society. There is anti-social term such as “Slavery” in the mouths of people of Matupi as well as of other areas of Chin state.
Of course this has been abolished long ago in all over the world especially Abraham Lincoln former U.S President is famous for that. But so many long years after professing Christianity why are these still the idea of “I am Beoi phun and he/she is a salphun or khodaengca? From where did this idea originated? What are the causes of this and how far does it affect human development in our society? People are more than ready to share similar concern though they seem to be reluctant and not opening up at first. As the result three factors to be the main reasons are found:-
  • Unsettling in search of better pasture
  • Debt case and
  • Crime.
Initially most of this tribal group moved from place to place in searchof better land, water, climate etc. In doing so they confrontation with people more powerful than they themselves being subjugated them or they for care and protection. In return this people had to pay land tax as well as portion of the game they get because everything belongs to them especially the head of the village. Automatically this developed to thedistinction of “Boei phun” and the other is “Salphun” or “Khodaengca”.
Secondly debt case is one of the most common which we can still event today. Heavy interest is demanded of the debtor and when he can not repay he is taken and sold to another person who buys him to be his slave and not only him but also his children and grand children. When a person is in debt he is looked down upon are only a material and not as a human being. This is true only in these day but even today in our present society. We have today in our present society. We have not been freed from this kind of mentality. While moneyed person is given great and too high regard a non moneyed person is regarded only as possession, which be used at will.
Third one is when someone committed a crime he had to run for his life along with his family and relatives and take refuge somewhere in another village. Accordingly they become strangers’ people, with were mercy of the villagers. They had to depend on the people for everything. They had to listen and obey for they have no other choices. They are refugees therefore people take advantage over them.On account of the above three main reasons people started to classify themselves as Boeiphun and Salphun. Due to this if at all a so-called salphun attain high position he is not given due respect by the so- called Boeiphun but rather being despised.
Moreover a salphun can never marry a bride from the Boeiphun. In order to prevent this Boeiphun raised the price of their daughters so that the Salphun can not afford to buy or meet the demand of the Boeiphun. In a very are case a Boeiphun marries in a girl from the Salphun and in this case she is treated only as servant. Even if is not expressed explicitly the idea of and mentality is there existed implicitly. These three main factors contribute much to the obstruction of human development.
As the people of Chin scattered in different places, areas, local, village and town they are separated not only geographically but also dialectically (i.e. each village has a distinct dialect), culturally, religiously and even mentally. People are divided on the basis of the above mention and this disintegrates people instead of uniting into one.
There is feeling of bias and prejudices. When coming to selecting nation religious leader the able and promising ones are out side and everyone votes a person of his own base on the above said. This is the unfortunate fact of the drawback of our societal up bringing. In this situation the person who is in the position can not do or handle the work properly or effectively. The other people who can very well to many good and profitable work to the society are not given chance. Finally we are only the loser and not them. This deprives us of development in our community.
We must thank our father for their efforts to establish the town. To day we can see to there goodness and faithfulness to our town. Whenever they might be our father were very co-operative in doing every thing, that shows us the nobleness of theirs social relationship. Wrought retain their noble way, but today there is no unity and amicability among us. Kindness, patience, justice and righteousness are dismissing in us. When we can see what is happening around us with our own eyes. So we see really the need to reform, lift up and build up our moral and social life. This is our urgent duty.