Interesting Places in Thantlang

There are many interesting places to visit within Than Tlang township. There are many rocky mountains such as Lung Ding rock in Vanzang region, Ma E Pi mountain in Zophei region. Many historical places are still maintained by local villagers, notably a legendary well called Siapanglai in Bawipa region. Than Tlang is governmental administrative location from where all villages of the 9 regions are officially administered. Famous river called Kaladan in Burma is originally built up from a river called Timit which flows between Hakha town and Than Tlang and swerved through the north of Than Tlang into Mizoram State of India and re-emerged in Paletwah town of Chin State and merged into the sea called bay of Bengal. Than Tlang township borders with India from Mizoram State demarcation line.
The people of Than Tlang are known notably also as the most joking people within Chin State as most of the people from Than Tlang are fun-loving people. There are couple of churches in Than Tlang town but most of them are Protestant Christians although there are handful of Catholic Christian in the town but no Buddhists. The cunning Burmese rulers tried many way to bring Buddhism into Chin State by persuading the poorer Chin villagers to get education and shelter but in fact cheated them just to become Buddhist including some people in Than Tlang area.