The meaning of Thantlang

Thantlang also ThlantlangHtantlang in Burmese transliteration) is a town and the administrative center of Thantlang Township in Chin State, western known as (Myanmar).
The Name: Than Tlang was formerly known as Thlan Tlang which means " Cemetery Hill" as there were many cemeteries at the west part of the town. However, since many educated people lost their lives in the early years, the people of Thlan Tlang ascribed the early demise of many educated people on the name being called Thlan Tlang as a jinx. Therefore Township People Council in 1983 changed Thlan Tlang into Than Tlang which means " Famous Hill" which remains as it is until today. There are roughly 7000 populations in Than Tlang town by 2010. Than Tlang is located just 20 miles from Chin State capital, Hakha.
Than Tlang township is made up of over 80 villages. The township is also surrounded by 9 small regions knowns as Khualhring region, Vanzang region, Zahnak region, Bual region, Vailam region, Zophei region, Bawipa Hill region, Lautu region and Mara region. Than Tlang town is one of the most developed township within Chin State. Even though there are many different dialects from the 9 regional groups of people, all of them understands each other well like one family. Not only from within Chin State but in the entire Myanmar, famous singers like Sung Tin Par and Dawt Hlei Hniang who are well known are from Zophei and Vanzang region respectively.
Than Tlang town is sanwiched between Vuichip and Marau mountains and fed by two beautiful river; Buhva from east and Lahva from west. There are some paddfields at the river bank of Lahva ploughed by local farmers in June and harvested in end of October every year.