Tribes of Zotung

In Zo Tung tribes contain; Sal Thawng, Tin Paw, In Mai.
  1. Sal Thawng Tribes
Sal Thawng tribes are migrated from Hakha township  that is  the  northern part  of  Matupi.  Now they live in the (14) villages;  Sal Thawng (1),  Sal Thawng(2),  Sha Shit,  Shal Tlai,  Law Taw, Ro Paa (1), Ro Paa (2), Re Zua, Saw Thi,  Hong lee. Aye Tan, Thang Dia,  Tinia,  Ti Ting.  They use Sal Thawng Language.
  1. Tin Paw Tribes
They migrated  from Lung Tang through HaKha township that is the Northern part of  Matupi. They live in the (10) villages; Lung Ngo, Ting Si, Ra Sa, Le Si, Ti Lap, Lung Ring, Sem Pi,  Sa Le, Ke lung.  They use Tin Paw language.
  1. In Mai Tribes
They migrated from HaKha township that is the Northern part of Matupi. They live in the (18) villages;  Aih Kaa, Shian Ngo, Lung Phia Lea,  Hrin Thang,  Thawng Lang,  Waw Thi,  Sem Pi,  Lung Daw, Lawng Wa, Khaw Boi,  San Set,  Dai Din,  Tu Phe,  Na Bung,  Jue Tawng,  Dal Cung,  Khua Thua, An Taa. They speak in In Mai language.